Why Nnamdi Kanu’s American Lawyer, Bruce Fein, Wants Me To Withdraw From IPOB Leader's Legal Team, Ejiofor Reacts To Allegations

Ifeanyi Ejiofor, one of the lawyers representing Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, has debunked allegations levelled against him by an American lawyer and spokesperson for the IPOB leader, Bruce Fein. 

Fein, in a letter addressed to Ejiofor, noted that the latter was not eligible to defend Kanu against the Federal Government's amended charges in the Court, citing a pending lawsuit instituted by a businessman against Ejiofor over an alleged fraud of N5.6 million.  
The American urged Ejiofor to immediately withdraw from the legal team of the agitator. 
Fein pointed out that Ejiofor had a case to answer and that the allegations were not concocted by the Nigerian government to preempt his representation of Nnamdi Kanu. 
But when SaharaReporters contacted Ejiofor, the legal practitioner implicitly stated that Fein had some grievances against him because he did not have access to Kanu when he was in Nigeria. 
Ejiofor noted that he was the one who appointed Fein as the spokesperson for Kanu and never expected such from Fein. 
He said, “Don't mind him (Fein). I will send you a letter which I used to appoint Fein as Kanu's representative. I appointed Nnamdi Kanu's spokesperson in the United States and now, because he was unable to see Nnamdi Kanu here in Nigeria, he was alleging that I was the one who stopped him from seeing Kanu. He has no locus to start writing anything.”
Ejiofor, however, failed to address the alleged pending lawsuit instituted by a businessman against him over an alleged fraud of N5.6 million.
The lawyer also did not say if he would withdraw from Kanu's legal team. 
In September 2021, operatives of the Department of State Services barred IPOB's American lawyer, Bruce Fein from seeing Kanu when he visited with the legal team.
According to the DSS officials, the American lawyer and a British diplomat, who was also denied access, were foreigners.
Fein had in May 2021 filed a lawsuit on behalf of IPOB in the US to revoke the six A-29 Tucano fighter jets sold to the Nigerian government and also block the remaining six from being conveyed to the country.

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