Do You Remember The Boy That Was Being Hailed As DPO? See What Police Have Done To Him 5 Days Later

 5 days ago we all heard the news of the boy who hoodlums wore the D.P.O dress and was hailed as D.P.O. During the chaos that followed the EndSARS protest, it was known that some thugs and hoodlums invaded a police station few days ago, after burning some part of the police station this thugs carry weapons and police uniform, they didn’t just carry the uniforms but they did something funny with it.

This set of thugs wore the Divisional Police Officer’s (D.P.O) uniform on the boy and they started shouting and hailing him as the D.P.O and their new D.P.O, .

However, it has been 5 days since that event occured, and as security agent has begun a manhunt for all hoodlums and thugs who vandalized and burnt public and private properties.

The boy who was caught on camera putting on the D.P.O uniform has been caught.

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