Ghana Must Go: A Historical Reminder of How Nigerians Treated Fellow Africans in the 1980s?

READ: Ghana Must Go: A Historical Reminder of How Nigerians Treated Fellow Africans in the 1980s. Is what’s happening in South Africa now a reflection of how Nigerians treated Ghanaians and other African immigrants in the 1980s? Africa should come together to fight Xenophobia, and that should be done now!!! AFRICA WAKE UP! Africa unite, Africa, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Xenophobia in South Africa, Hypernatty, African news, Nigerian news, current affairs, South African news, Africa wake up.

READ: Ghana Must Go: A Historical Reminder of How Nigerians Treated Fellow Africans in the 1980s?
What is happening in South Africa now should be totally condemned by the South African government and all African leaders. That is totally not accepted. There are South African citizens living in other African countries.
The unfortunate thing is, our compatriots in South Africa are today the indirect victims of the sins of their fathers. No sin goes unpunished, as the saying goes! The results of a sin one commits may not be on him or her within a shortest time, but rather could be on their great grand children or descendants years to come.
 On April 15, 1985 the Honorable Minister for Internal Affairs in Nigeria, General, later Senator Mamman Magoro announced that the almost 700,000 African immigrants in Nigeria must leave by 6pm on May 10, 1985. Most of the immigrants were from Ghana with others from as far as Gambia and Central African Republic.
These African immigrants in Nigeria had gone there for work and economic opportunity, in simple terms to look for greener pastures. After being told to leave in a shortest possible time, they were also not allowed to leave with more than Naira 22 (N22) then the equivalent of US $30, irrespective of their life savings, number of properties and quantum of investment. They were officially robbed with no guns to their heads. Unfortunately, many Nigerians also took undue advantage of the chaos to unleash all manner of mayhem on those immigrants who found themselves in that situation. It was a very sad era for African solidarity.
Considering the present day when these Ghanaians after their humiliations after been chased out of Nigeria, through discipline and focus with sheer hard work and purposeful leadership have turned their country around. 
That been said, that does not give South Africans the go ahead to treat Nigerian immigrants in their country that way. Africa is for all Africans and its totally uncalled for, for citizens of an African country to attack immigrants no matter the reason given. This is the time for African leaders to put their foot firmly on the ground and tackle such xenophobic issues in South Africa. This is not the first time, and may not be the last time if something serious is not done about it. South African youths should not be left to take the rights in their hands and infringe on the rights of other fellow Africans living in their country. I believe there are many South Africans living in other African countries too. This should quickly be addressed before it turns to a war in the continent. Peoples’ lives matter no matter where they find themselves. It’s high time African countries united to find solutions to their consistent problems. No wonder Africa is lagging behind in everything developmental. Why won’t we be called shit-hole countries. AFRICA WAKE UP AND ACT RIGHT!!!

Stay tuned for more updates on the Xenophobic issue in South Africa. 

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