What Rightfully Belongs to Me has been Taking Away Vdeejay Godson Cry Out.

Life remains a teacher, more we leave the more we learn and experience things which we come across ,You already know This vibrant Young Talented Professional Disk Jockey
Vdeejay Godson Ndubuisi from Etche Omuma Local Government in Rivers state, He happens to be the official Manager to the newly signed Artist Mrchike in Selfmade Record Port Harcourt, Vdeejay Godson happens to be the Official Deejay in the Rivers State University Well Recognized by the School Authority and he has been working very hard to put the school on the World map.
But what a sad news for Deejay Godson after Inviting PHcitytakeover.com with some friends and family to be witness while he receive the award as the best Deejay of the school

According to the report here this award has to be giving to they  Present Students who are Participating in the School Social Activities not for the past Students, something remarkable happened on the Award Night which kept us moody and speechless
The Award was Robbed from Vdeejay Godson and was Giving to the Past Students Name DJ Kassidy who has not played any event in the school And Has a low numbers of Voting, what happened here is what we really don't know. if the award is now made for they general public or just for the present students
The question is that, "was this Award Bought from the organizers with money or was it hijacked by the vice president, there are a lot of news speculating all over in the internet that the vice president is the brain behind this.
The Organizer of this very award has remain silent over this issue after the Award Night and Vdeejay Godson manager has sworn to get to the root of this Matter Trending Already.

See Deejay Godson above.

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Unknown said…
Was indeed a sad news, but dis is. Nigeria anything can happens from ur bed (if u know. What I. Mean).....

I already told Godson, he will. Bag multiple award 🏅 soon, RSU. Award is just a BS given by a BS to another BS...