‘We‘re fine’ – Arsenal star, Sead Kolasinac shares new photo with Mesut Ozil after they were attacked by knife-wielding thugs

Yesterday, Arsenal football stars, Sead Kolasinac , and Mesut Ozil were attacked by knife-wielding moped thugs during a carjacking attack in London.
In a viral video, Ozil’s childhood friend and Bosnian international, Kolasinac was filmed fighting the knife-wielding moped thugs with his bare hands as they attempted to steal the Mercedes G-Class SUV they were driving in. Watch the video here.
Video of Seo Kolasinac fighting off two men with knives, after they tried to rob Mesut Özil. What an animal. My defender.
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Help later came after Ozil abandoned his car in the middle of the road and fled on foot into the Turkish restaurant Likya. The Waiters and chefs at the restaurant then ran to his defense as they took to the street to chase away the attackers before Police arrived at the scene.
Sharing a smiling photo of the pair on Twitter, the defender wrote: ‘Think we‘re fine.’

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