Rihanna gets stunned after she comes across viral photo of a little girl who looks so much like her

The photo of a little girl who shares a rather shocking resemblance to RnB singer and now cosmetics businesswoman, Rihanna has become viral on the internet and a handful of celebrities are awed by the resemblance.
Rihanna, who shared the photo of the youngster on her page was also stunned by the striking resemblance that she says she almost dropped her phone after she saw the photo.
Rihanna gets stunned
Super model, Tyra Banks also shared the photo of the girl and expressed her shock at the resemblance.
The photo has since garnered millions of likes on Rihanna’s page as her fans and followers are thrilled by her ‘mini-me’ whose name is Ala’a and is a kid model who has fast become an internet sensation.

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