Duncan Mighty Trolls Women Who Do Plastic Surgeries In Order To Look Good

Duncan Mighty has expressed his intense dislike for women who undergo surgery to enlarge thier body parts.
As we all know, the new trend amongst ladies is enhancing their body parts to look more attractive. Some do it for the attention of men while some do it for ‘self confidence’. Nigerians are always quick to troll those who have undergone such procedures as it is not entirely accepted and against traditions.
In reaction to Nigerian actress, Regina Daniel’s marriage to Billionaire Ned Nwoko, the singer in a comment section, shamed women who go under the knife to enlarge thier buttocks and breasts. According to him, he is very happy for the Regina and wishes other Nigerian women the same luxirious life she is enjoying.
He wrote “This kind of news is what I wish our women in this country not buying extra yash and breast enlargement”

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