I Like It When People Talk About Me, Good Or Bad- Linda Ikeji Speaks Out

Popular blogger Linda Ikeji has finally opened up, revealing how she feels when people talk badly of her.
According to Linda, it is bad when people do not talk about you. It shows you are not relevant, but when people have a reason to talk about you, it means you are significant to the world at large.
So whether good or bad, the blogger wants people to keep talking about her.
“Relevant for the last 10 years, hopefully will be for the next 40 years
. There’s no stopping this woman! ” She eulogized herself.
“When people troll me and say all kinds of things, my friends worry and call me asking how I’m dealing with it and I tell them the same thing all the time; start getting worried when people stop talking about me. It means at that time that I’m no longer relevant and what I do or say no longer matters. That would be a tragedy!
. Lol. I’m an internet business woman; every dime I make is from the internet, every impact I make is mostly on the internet, so I need people to keep talking; good or bad, it’s okay. As long as they are talking.
” She declared.
However, the blogger disclosed that she will one day, respond to all the negative things that has been said about her, when the time is ripe.
“And when it’s my turn, I will talk. You know me, I will talk. I really like to write…lol. Be patient!
” She said,
“Wishing everyone an amazing weekend filled with joy and laughter! ” She concluded.
She made this statement after sharing a post in which she was listed as one of the top Google Nigeria search list for the past 10 years.

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