Gist: Tony Anthony shares a touchy poem, dedicated to Naija music.

A Port Harcourt based singer and song writer, named Tony Anthony, after his recent graduation from the Rivers state University, shares a Heart felt 
                                              "ODE TO AFRO POP MUSIC"
A poem written by Tony Anthony.
Dear Love. Do not forget me. Do not forget all my pains in effort to become your star.
Remember the days I recorded my first track with my life savings. Then other guys used theirs for good shoes and clothes, while I rushed to the studio under the rain to record my song. Remember the pains of writing songs and the sleepless nights of learning my lyrics. Remember the countless lecture notes I turned to song books. Don't ever forget how much I spent on song books in an effort to improve by studying the songs of big stars like Akon,Chris Brown,2 face,Celine Dion, flavor etc. Also remember how I have to get a bigger box that could contain more c.d plates just because I was becoming one of the highest CD owner in my house. You remember how I and my friends were punished for banging on the class desk while rehearsing one of my songs? Don't ever forget that day when I waited from morning until night during an appointment with a big producer. Don't also forget the way he snubbed me while attending to a bigger star. Don't also forget the day I sold my Motorola phone in order to complete my payment for one of my Tracks. Also remember The shame I bear when friends and families told me that music is a waste of time. Telling me to my face, how bad my voice is. Have mercy on me because I couldn't even pass through the audition in those Talent hunts. Remember How I never gave up after project fame and Idol couldn't get me the fame I so much desire. Remember the friends who promised to stand by me but betrayed me as soon as the game became tougher. You can't deny how much I was proud of you even when other guys gave up on you. I still believed in you and hoped that someday you will smile your glory on me. Remember How I moved from First position to fifth position in class because of you oh music. I couldn't even buy my girlfriend a wrist watch because of you, I couldn't get those ice creams for myself because of you. Most times I tracked long distance because of my love for you. I even have to be embarrassed in shows and big parties in an effort to perform for you. Not even my m.c. friends could change anything even though those shows couldn't fetch me any penny. How bad I felt when those D.J.s and radio personalities dumped my songs after I paid them the little I had. So many serious minded girls and political friends stopped relating with me just because they discovered I was in love with you. Fellowship brethren at the higher institutions confirmed that I was really going in sane for you. I wish you could understand that in another life I will still live for you, probably will also choose you cos I don't mind carrying another cross for you. With you, letting go seems to be the hardest thing to do. Dear Music, Tony Anthony lives for you!!

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