Let’s Discuss: Who Is The Best President Nigerians Ever Had Among These 3? [A Must Read]

Politics in Nigeria is a funny game where different politicians bring about different innovations to entice the citizens.
We have experienced different leadership skills from the presidents of this country, but there would always be an argument amidst the citizens on who is the best president they have ever had among the 3 people listed below:
1.Olusegun Obasanjo is one of the ex-presidents of Nigeria with plenty of positives contributions and achievements in the country. One of his greatest achievements during his tenure is introduction of mobile phones to the country.
OBJ as he is fondly called is loved by people of his country that he was even elected again after his first tenure. He is known to be an important figure in Nigeria politics and a figure that can’t be underestimated by anybody who aspires to be elected into the Aso rock.
2. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is the immediate ex-president of Nigeria with millions of fans in the nation. He is one of the luckiest people in the political cycle of the country. From the post of vice president and then the acting president till he become the president.
Although he lost his re-election bid and became the first sitting democratic president to lose election in the state. The losing of the election earned him a great name in the country as he is the first African president who congratulated his opponents with no traces of wars and riots.
This and many more including his great achievement in agriculture makes him become an hero and thus, become one of the best president ever not just in Nigeria but Africa.
3. Muhammadu Buhari is the current sitting president of Nigeria, he defeated the the incumbent government with wide margin. Although he is still in power but has recorded many success in his administration.
He is well known for his war against corruption as he frowns eyes to any former office holder who stole any money or government properties. PMB is loved by many and he is on a mission to be the best president ever according to the masses.
Nigerians are blessed with many brainy intellectuals and the 3 aforementioned people are one of the greatest in the history.
From your own point of view, who do you think is the best among these 3 icons? Obasanjo, Jonathan or Buhari? Drop your honest comments below.

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