E-One Records Presents: Maxi – Harmattan

There are a small handful of artists we trust to never let me down. When we see they’ve dropped a new track we’re almost certain we are going to enjoy it before we’ve even pressed play. Maxi is one of those artists for us. In the midst of a hopefully superb new month of February, Maxi has delivered a much needed ease in the form of a mini dance break.
Maxi is a special artist. When we first heard from him years ago, it was his voice that was immediately captivating. As he has evolved and his arrangements and creative approach to songwriting and structure are now just as impressive as his voice.
Maxi lets the track build at a subtle pace until it reaches a steady bounce that has just enough power to relieve a decent amount of stress. The song walks a rare line between youthful excitement and experienced gloom, as if Maxi walks by flowers that wilt on a sunny but dry windy day. It’s a perfect conception for Harmattan days and mixed feelings.


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