AUDIO: Ajebo Hustlers Feat. Yung6ix – Ketu (Prod. Disaly)

Knowledge & PI Piego are slowly but surely building up a catalog of catchy songs without ever using the same formula. Ajebo Hustlers never fail to provide a song that works as a straight confidence booster, and “Ketu” is definitely the one for the moment.
The song features superb verses from Yung6ix, and the production from Disaly is smoother than ever, matching their voices and entire persona. This might be your new wake-up song.
It’s hard to say whether or not a sense of music is genetic, but Ajebo Hustlers provide a good piece of evidence that it is. The attention they’ve received from the industry is to be expected, but in 2018, a serious jump in fan support is soon to follow. Ajebo Hustlers radiate star power on and offscreen, their voices are unmistakably rich and with the team they have in place around them, it’s going to be difficult for them to miss.


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