Buhari Government Is From Scandal To Scandal – Fayose

Peoples Democratic Party Governors Forum took a swipe at President Buhari’s government yesterday and describing it as “a government of scandals.”
Speaking at the NEC of the PDP held at its national secretariat in Abuja, Ayo Fayose, forum chairman, urged PDP members to continue to speak up on the failings President Buhari.
He said “if we don’t expose them, nobody will do so.”
Fayose, who is the governor of Ekiti State, dismissed Buhari’s anti-corruption war as a case of armed robbers engaging perceived thieves in a fierce battle.
The APC is now in many scandals; we have to keep our voices up, to expose them. Armed robbers calling people thieves, who are the armed robbers now?
Buhari’s anti corruption fight is like Satan calling Judas Iscariot a sinner.

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