Why Are Some Igbo Lagosians Are Problematic And Ignorant To Igbo Nation

First of all I want to thank the mods for always being unjust in their actions and inactions.

I welcome myself from the long term ban, handed to me due to my consistency in slaying and shredding afonjas and any Igbo hater.

I pride myself as the colonel Marshall of Igbo people on nairaland. I have sworn to protect and defend any attack on the Igbo race across the world.

From Igbo Land to America, to Europe to northern Nigeria to western Nigeria to Asia etc.
I have been doing that,and will continue to do that till I meet my ancestors.

Since I was banned, I completely left nairaland for another social media platform,where I hold my ground in defence of the every attack on Igbo race.
However I have had several encounters that have shaped my thought on Igbo lagosians.

What is Igbo lagosians or who are the Igbo lagosians?
In my opinion, Igbo lagosians are those Igbos born/raised/reside in Lagos.

Just like the way we have Igbo America, which happens to be the strongest Igbo community in the world after Igbo Land. well that will be a topic for another day.
So back to the topic,

Lagos state,was the seat of British colony and the former capital of Nigeria. It happens to be the smallest state in Nigeria, the 5th largest economy in Africa, the economy hub of west Africa, the must advanced city in Nigeria, the centre of excellence, the capital of information technology, entertainment etc.

It has more population of Igbo people than a state in the south east.
Many Igbo people have migrated to this state for over hundred years. Raised their families, with some having up to 4th generation living in Lagos state.
They do not have any other place they call home, while some still keep touch to their state of origins.
They have contributed immensely to the development of the state.
Sadly i have observed a very disturbing trend from some Igbo lagosians. They are at forefront in attacking Igbo people and Igbo land. The northern Igbo, American Igbo have never undermined the Igbo people no matter the situation.
So I ask why are they always at the forefront insulting Igbo people and Igbo land?
Joe Igbo comes to mind. There are so many of them,especially on Twitter.
Let's have your thought..


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