Read What Paul Okoye Wishes Will Happen To Those Who Deprive Nigerians Of Good Things

Singer, Paul Okoye who is currently in Las Vegas shared a photo of the lovely view of his hotel room and said thunder should fire all the people that denied Nigerians all the good things in life.
In his words;
“Dear God I woke up this morning in this lovely space and nice view #lasvegas and I want to thank you but I have a question pls don’t be offended long will it take for Nigeria my country to be like this? Abeg who did we offend bikonu we don’t mind, we will go and beg for forgiveness no pride atall…we go humble our selves even if they demand for a skeleton of an ant we shall provide pls ?may thunder fire the people that denied us all these good things of life even me that thought I was living life am a starter an upcoming see light everywhere!!! ….and that’s how I will come and going back to may God help us all ?#whodidweoffend #bikonu”

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