Music: Gucci Mane – Curve Feat. The Weeknd

Gucci Mane & The Weeknd team up for new single “Curve.”
Gucci Mane is looking to close out September with a bang, with his upcoming book The Autobiography Of Gucci Mane dropping on September 19th and his second album of the year Mr. Davis dropping this Friday, September 15th. The project’s first single, the Migos assisted “I Get The Bag,” indicated that Mr. Davis might be more up-tempo than the haunting, alien vibes of Droptopwop. Now, another single has dropped, and it features the master of dark-pop himself, The Weeknd.
As is usually the case with Weeknd features, Abel sings about his aptitude at the art of nightlife, wooing and stealing the ladies before curving with no mercy. The braggadocio is high on this one, and the eerie trap beat from Nav is well suited to the singsong delivery and cocky lyricism that Abel brings to the table. “A n*gga wanna come and diss me, and put a hex like a gypsy, they kill themselves, no wrist bleed, got suicides on my SV” sing-raps The Weeknd, sounding simultaneously ghostly and angelic. Ultimately, The Weeknd has always acquainted himself well in the after hours aesthetic, and has a keen eye for exploring the seductive nature of the witching hour.
Gucci Mane closes out the brief single with a sexually charged verse. While Abel exudes charm through mystery, Gucci opts for more of a Tony Soprano approach, utilizing his reputation and sheer status as a boss to enthrall the ladies. It’s no coincidence that his opening lines reward skilled “dick riding” with a first class flight…or they would, if Gucci wasn’t curving with as much reckless abandon as his compatriot. His verse continues in that regard, with Guwop reveling in his own ostentatious nature, because let’s be honest, only Gucci Mane can can get away with calling himself the “kingpin” of the game.


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