Lil Kesh Embarrassed Me In Public – Singer, Demmie Vee Claims

Singer, Demmie Vee has revealed juicy deets in a new interview about how he was embarrassed in public by afro rap sensation, Lil Kesh, further describing the event of having to meet Kesh as his biggest regret in life.
He claims the shenanigan went down at the Lagos @ 50 event while he was in company of Bashorun 9ice, getting interviewed at one of the many media stables present there. So when Kesh walked in, he thought it necessary to pay his respect to the celebrated champ.
However, his good deed was met with cold shoulders as Lil Kesh yelled at him and shoved his hands off as he gestured in for a shake. Although he felt terribly embarrassed by the drama, which played out to the glare of the public, he still excused his actions and attributed it to a bad mood only for him to later find the music star fraternizing with other guests.
Now recall that prior to this event, Kesh had dropped a recent single and titled it No Fake Love – a wave he’s been riding hard and heavy on since it dropped. While this might suffice for an explanation as to why, we’re yet to get a statement from Kesh on this development.

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