I Was Overjoyed And Reposted The First Photo I Saw – Harrysong On Fake Kids Photos

ALTER PLATE boss, Harrysong, has finally admitted to his bullsh*ting an entire nation in the process of announcing the arrival of his kids.
Few days back, the singer, had taken to social media to announce the arrival of his twins, Tarela and Perez, using fake photos to share the happy news, an act that came back to take a huge chunk of meat off his ars* as he was outed to have taken the photo off of a nursing website located in the US.

With several blogs calling him on his bullshit afterwards with a one saying it’s possible the  REGGAE BLUES crooner would blame this thoughtless act on his account been hacked recently.
Probably having seen this particular news, Harrysong, chose a different route to handle the issue, accepting he lied about the kids photos and also admitting it was a terrible mistake on his part.
His team has released a statement to address the issue which reads thus:
My attention has been drawn to a campaign of calumny by nay sayers, concerning Harrysong’s twins lately.
We at AlterPlate will never toy with the emotion of our numerous loyal fans, hence the need to address the issue.
The news broke on Saturday June 24, 2017 while Harrysong and the entire team were on the set of a video shoot with Emarshall at Maryland.
After the shoot we left for a show at the Civic center same day; as a matter of fact, the last few weeks have been extremely busy for the  Alterplate  team all in a bid to give our fans the best\
To set the record straight, the Instagram account, @perezandtarela was set up by Harrysong’s baby mama who is very reserved and media shy, despite being a successful business woman.
She created the account with the  aim of catalogueing the growth and developement of her lovely twins,and appreciate twins in general.
Her younger sibling running the account posted internet photographs as a landing page and an overjoyed Harrysong reposted the first photos on his way from Port Harcourt.
With every sense of humility, it was a huge and regretable mistake.
To our fans and loyal followers, I say we are sorry for the confusion or any mix up the news may have generated.

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