HarrySong To Drop New Single, Unveil Artistes Under New Label Tonight

The Alter Plate boss revealed that although they’re just officially opening for business, they’re already receiving calls from various companies to work with.
He also revealed that the label is already set with 3 male artistes including Dezign, songwriters, directors and every necessary hands are on board. This is not to say that external directors cannot be contracted to direct some videos, he stated that it all depends on the story the artiste is trying to tell with his video and if that is not the strength of their directors, they’ll seek for external creative approach, and he specifically mentioned Clarence Peter, who although isn’t a part of them, but can also be hired to direct a video for his artistes.
In this interview with Silverbird, Harrysong revealed that he will be releasing his single in the next one week and an album by November, so everyone should watch out for it.

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