Wande Coal, Sean Tizzle, Lil Kesh – Which One Of These Artistes Desperately Needs To Go Back To Their Old Label?

It is no lie that the music propaganda of some of our favourite industry idols haven’t exactly been on form of late. The reasons for these vary from a false sense of arrival to sheer pride, a lack of structure perhaps on the part of management, a wrong career decision and especially, pure laziness.
This post examines the careers of three such firebrand artistes – former YBNL soldier, Lil Kesh; Sho Lee crooner, Sean Tizzle; and Black Diamond star, Wande Coal. Our job here is simple, since we’ve highlighted the facts for you to discuss, we require that you tell us who amongst them desperately needs to have a rejoinder with their former label.
Lil Kesh
Although he might be too quick to label his solidarity with the YBNL crew, but the fact still remains that there’s an obvious void in the operations of his music business since transitioning to his self-owned label, YAGI Records. It is possible that Keshi’s vision while in alliance with Olamide who is still a tried and tested baron of the streets, might not be the same as now that he has ventured out on his own. I perceive that it has dimmed a little bit
While many people still tout his debut album as one that had stylings of greatness embedded in it, Keshi is done, already dusted up and has even moved on quickly to other things like the very easy to forget Kojo and the mildly-appealing Shele Gan Gan. I can’t be the only one who has thought that such satisfactory results are quite unusual for the back-to-back lyrical hits monster.
Sean Tizzle
Whether he is with or without an actual music talent, that’s not even the question here. All we know is that Sean had a system that worked effectively for him until he decided to spoil it with his very own hands. Sources have it that a dirty ego, an ungrateful heart and a false sense of whether-it-was-but-I-can’t-tell-you-what-he-was-thinking, pretty much did him in. Some say he became obsessed with looking the starboy part hence the unevenness in the tone of his physical appearance while others have it that it was comedian Basketmouth who drove in the final 6-inch nail that sealed his career coffin.
You see, these are laughable yet strumming rumours which my place negates me from validating. However, upon closer observation you find that Sean hasn’t really gravitated off course in terms of musical approach or style. He remains unchanged. But it’s still a baffling thought why his career suffers a deficiency in sustainable relevance. I wonder why, I honestly wonder why.
Wande Coal
His inability to stay afloat since cutting ties with the Mavins shows it was a terribly wrong move decision. Not only has Wande Coal slacked badly in his creative persona, he has also failed woefully trying to strike gold in replicating the same formulas that equated into his many many instantaneous music hits while under the Don Jazzy-led leadership. The painful part is that he is so much of an actual talent but he seems to be wasting away on things of folly that aren’t doing him any good in abating his present plight.
Wande normally should be leader of the new school cult where Wizkid, Davido, Tekno and the Kiss Daniel likes have domineered. Even more painful is the fact that these guys who looked up to him are now the ones experiencing better career advancement than him. I mean somebody called Di’Ja was at Coke Studios last year, producer Shizzi is signing a deal with Sony Music Africa and then they’re calling Dotman to perform at the BBN eviction show. Wande needs to wake up and own his new reality.

What are your thoughts on this development? Share with us please.

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