GIST : Fire Outbreak at Mile 3 Market Beware of Fake Koresene.

According to the eye witness it was about 5pm in the evening when a woman selling kerosene decide to test a gallon of kerosene she just bought from the market unknowing to her there was a cooking Gas refill shop close to her, immediately she pour the kerosene on the ground and light up matches you cant imagine what happen Next  Explosion everywhere quiet unfortunate how people now mix
fuel and kerosene just because  of money.

The explosion also Affected both the guy refilling gas and people selling food even cars,houses were burn down ,no human casualty recorded so far , thanks to Nigeria fire service who later came for rescue and with help of some community boys were able to extinguish the fire, beware of the kind of kerosene he bought for your use

watch live video from eye  witness


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