Written by Ndubuisi Ezeonyebuchi
For Family Writers


The awareness is great, the campaign has been taken to the ends of the world. Asians in Far East Japan are now informed, Europeans in the West are now familiar with the massage of IPOB great campaign and the Americans in the North are now demanding explanations over issues raised by great IPOB. The word #FREENNAMDIKANU and #FREEBIAFRA are now on the lips of governments, groups and every free-born citizens of the world.

On the face of this worldwide awareness, the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) have once again set for a global mega protest in honor of their great Leader Mazi nnamdi Kanu as he set to appear before the Puppet judge, John Tsoho at Abuja federal high court on 26th Sep. 2016. The IPOB world wide mega protest which shall simultaneously hold across the 99 countries of the world on 23rd of Sep. 2016 is to remind the world once again the infamous-judgment script handed over to John Tsoho by Mohammadu Buahari, to remind the world the self contradictory judgment of Injustice John Tsoho and to remind them the level of control and impunity perpetrated by Muhammadu Buhari on the judicial institution. More so, the world wide mega protest is also to show solidarity to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, to demand his unconditional release and Biafrexit.

The world wide mega protest which shall be attended by Biafrans, friends of Biafrans and lovers of freedom across the globe is also to bring to the notice of the world that the time is now when the good people of the world must stand up, speak up and act against the evil perpetrated against the Biafrans people by Tyrant Muhammadu Buhari. The era when the world leaders would fold their hands and watch the Biafran people being exterminated by British-Nigerian government must come to an end.   In the past, millions of Biafrans has been killed by British and Nigeria government, all in a bid to ensure that the rising sun is extinguished, all in a bid to ensure that the great rising Africa civilization is subdued and all in a bid to ensure that the rising great nation of Biafra is quenched.

The killings of Biafrans is as old as the time of British invasion of Biafran territory in 1893, during these period, hundreds were killed at the instant, thousands were killed in 1936 during British desecration and dethronement of Nri Sacred throne and Eze Nri Obalike, tens of thousands were massacred across several Biafrans towns and villages during British unification of the entire Biafran territory under his Royal Majesty, queen Elizabeth II. After colonization, hundreds of thousands more were massacred by British and Nigerian government during 1966 pogrom in northern Nigeria. In a bid for Biafrans to survive, Gen. Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu resisted this evil act, but were confronted by British, USSR, Egypt and the entire Arab world while the good people of the world including our cousin Yisrael fold their arms and watch as Biafrans were annihilated. 6 million Biafrans were killed in the genocide, mostly women and children, to them(British, Nigeria, USSR and Egypt) this is the end of the great African civilization, to them this is the end of the great Biafra race, they all said amongst themselves, the African rising sun has finally been extinguished.

48 years after the infamous genocide, the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) were once again seen at the world center stage with their norms, language and culture still intact, this time they were Led by a fierce and charismatic Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Instead of the British evil government to start making apology and recompense, rather, they embark on yet another defiant war against the defenseless populace of Biafra.    In a bid to drive home their evil agenda, they (British) collaborated with Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria and kidnapped the Leader of IPOB who is also a British citizen and have since kept him incommunicado for nearly one year now through the DSS and the puppet judge, injustice John Tsoho who is at the beck and call of Buhari. The call for his (great Kanu) unconditional release by IPOB have since swept across the globe with thousands laying down their lives for same Biafran cause. The British governments in collaboration with Nigerian Government have killed several IPOB members across Biafran Land during protest in demand for the unconditional release of Mazi Nnamdi kanu, this intimidation did not however stop the rising awareness of IPOB freedom campaign as some good people of the world have now finally spoken. The Biafran case is once again at the world discussion table.

23rd of Sept. 2016, Biafrans from all walks of life shall gather simultaneously at their country of domicile in honor and in solidarity of Nnamdi Kanu the great as he appear before the British, Mohammadu Buhari and Puppet John Tsoho at the federal high court Abuja on the 26th Sep. 2016. Times are difference, the era when the evil oppressive nations kill Biafrans and get away with it is over, 1893, 1936, 1966 and 1967-70 is not 2015-16. Any blood of a Biafran spilled must be avenged by ten is to one, the Biafran quest led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu have since crossed it's Rubicon and hence irreversible, those fighting against them are engaged in exercise in futility, those fighting against Nnamdi Kanu are doom to fail.

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