(Gist)_ Selfmade Record Port harcourt city Signed A new Artist

Selfmade Record is an independent label founded by Mr chijioke Uneze aka Dj sample Formerly Assisted by Mr wisdom Maxwell aka Superstar Donwizzy presently assisted By Mr victor Ejekwu Aka Mr Favic it was founded on the 20th of oct 2013 Officially,the main objective and aim of this record label is to bring out the quality of good upcoming Artist in this Nigeria Music Industry ,Selfmade Record Sign and Manage artist to standard level. We have 4 artist with 1 producer under Selfmade Record Here is the artist below and the year the where signed .

DJ sample ____CEO Selfmade Record .

1. DONEFIZZY signed on 20th dec 2013

2.Mr Favic ____The producer Signed on 1st of march 2015.

3.MODDEL signed on 2nd feb 2016 

4.Mr D2 signed on 2nd feb 2016 

5.TRIGGA ___ Signed on 15th of August 2016 

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